Permanant Expander

Hi I am newly diagnosed and am having a masectomy, I have been offered the permanant expander for reconstruction but I am unsure about having it as I don’t want to feel like I have something alien under my skin are there any ladies who have had this kind of reconstruction and if so can you please share your experience with me to help make up my mind. thank you

Hi im sorry to hear you have been diagnosed. I had a double masectomy back in June (risk reducing surgery) i had implants and strattice mesh put in both sides, to cut a long story short i had the left implant and strattice removed and replaced with a permanant expander, they have left it flat for the moment to ensure its all healed before they expand. at the moment it feels fine not strange at all, they will start to expand it on 10th sept so maybe i can keep you updated of how it feels if it would help? there is alot of choice when it comes to reconstruction so the more research you can do the better :slight_smile: i hope its helped a little xx 

Hi Carole

I had an expander which was replaced by a permanent one 2 years ago. I felt like you about not wanting anything foreign in my body. First I had a tram which didn’t work so I was left with no choice. I have got used to the implant it felt very hard at first and like having something fastended to your chest but I have had 3 lots of fat injections over it and it does feel softer now also warmer as it was cold to touch. The PS says there is no limit to the amount of times I can hvae them. I am now on the waitng list to have the other breast lifted to match. Some people say it feels hard to lie on but I must have got used to it and I don’t notice it any more. The only scar is under my boob so doesn’t show. I am quite large 34F but have a small frame which may make it feel heavier. I sunbathed on holiday in a bikini and you can’t tell, so my friend said. Most of the time I forget it is there. Please ask anything you want. Sorry if I have gone on a bit but I wish I had used this sight more but wasn’t really into forums then. Kathryn

Hello Carole, I too just been diagnosed and will be having my mastectomy on 3o Sept, I have been approached by my surgeon to use this Braxon ADM, which derives from Pig Tissue, Ive done some research and it looks ok, certainly its going to be better than using muscle from another part of your body which in itself can cause problems. Also the aestetics are a lot better and the reconstructed breast has a better shape, I am going to speak to my consultant tommorow to discuss. I hope if you have already had your surgery I hope it went well xx