PERMANENT side effects or damage from chemotherapy

There are all sorts of horror stories about chemo for BC - i was wondering if there are any members on here who have had PERMANENT health issues or damage resulting from chemo? If so what are they please?

Depending on your age/menopausal status one permanent side effect can be the “shut-down” of your ovarian function. The closer you are to menopause the more likely your periods will stop and not return after chemo. Certain chemos can have long term effects on heart and lungs, your cognitive function can be adversely affected long term, too. Fatigue and anxiety, too, can affect you long term. Some chemos affect muscles more than others, like taxanes and can result in lasting fibromyalgia type pains. If you have a portacath or other lines you will have those scars, too. You can also be at risk of another, second cancer unrelated to breast cancer, after treatment. Permanent alopecia is a rare side effect, too. Your oncologist should explain all this before you sign the consent form.
Do you know which chemo regime you will get?

Hi Tina,
Thanks for replying - no I have no details of treatment plan yet only that chemo is “inevitable and important” then RADs then hormones…I always avoided hormones all my life and now this…
Ovaries not worried about them as finished with them! But the other long term effects are not good, do these vary between the various chemo drugs? Are they permanent or temporary? How can people say you do not lose yourself in this bloody journey if these things all happen?? Do many people get them?
I don´t live in the UK and we do not get the same caring sharing approach you do in the UK…

Response and side effects really vary between chemo patients, and although serious complications are rare, it could be you and you can’t predict your reactions and long term side effects until you start chemo. Life threatening SE’s like anaphylaxis and neutropenia will be quickly addressed by the chemo unit staff and you should be closely monitored during your sessions.
There are very good Info pages on the Macmillan and Cancer research UK websites,
Not so sure about the caring/sharing thing here, I only saw my Onc once, he rattled through the proceedings and off I went!
There are no quick fixes and treatment is long haul.