Persephone Trial

Is there anyone involved in this trial? i have been asked to participate.


Not heard of this ?

Not heard of this ?

Not heard of this ?

Is there anyone involved in this trial? i have been asked to participate. Please see link below re this trial.

Hi, I was asked to join this trial a year ago, but I declined as whilst I would have been happy to take additional treatment, I was unhappy at the thought of being under treated. I think they have struggled to get the numbers they need - it has been discussed on here a number of times…
I seem to recall reading somewhere that it looks like six months isn’t enough.


There was a French trial called PHARE which indicated that 1 year might be better than 6 months - confidence interval on Hazard Ratio (1.09 to 1.66) for Disease-Free survial.
But since the study defined the criteria for 6 months having non-inferior outcomes to be a Hazard Ratio of 1.15, this outcome was considered inconclusive.
However, this result was enough to persuade me to have a full year of Herceptin.

Hi Bluefox, I opted into thr trial and was randomised for 1 years treatment.

That’s good

I was diagonised for Breast Cancer in July 2015 with HERS positive and DC positive. I completed chemo and radiotherpy after a lumpectomy.I am on herceptin every 4th week till October 2015.
I have participated in the Persephone Trial,chosen for 1 year Herceptin trial.They had about 4000 participants and were looking for 500 more before the Trial of 10 years closes around Feb/March 2015.
We shall not be able to see the results since it will be under research for another 10 years.
I wonder what are the prognosis,for those with HERS positive.Women with ER and PR positive are on 5 or 10 years Taxifern tablets and their survival rate is more than 5 ,10 …years.
Would be very interesting to know about friends had been treated with herceptin.