Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit: anyone on here claimed this benefit successfully?

Hi friends Has anyone on here with breast cancer got any experiences of claiming the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit? I put in a claim in September 2013 but was turned down, then asked the DWP to do a reconsideration of their decision but they did not change the decision, so I am now being helped to put in an Appeal. I thought people with cancer should be awarded this benefit as we have a lot of extra disability-related costs when we get diagnosed with the trips to hospital for chemotherapy and radiotherapy etc.I am really struggling because of the delays and then the decision to refuse my claim. Has anyone on here been successful in claiming it?

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I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post yet.  The macmillan site has lots of useful information about benefits and financial matters.  I’ve attached a link:

I hope this helps.

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It took months for my PIP to be approved but finally got it. All cancer patients are classed as disabled so you should definitely be awarded it. Go to Macmillan Financial helpline … they will help. Good luck

Wanted to jump on this thread and mention that you can get PIP or DLA with a secondary dx I have spread to both lungs, I asked my GP to fill in a DS1500 form for me this fast tracks you into getting the benefit and I was awarded it for 3 years which is kind of a huge contradiction as the DS1500 form stipulates that your Dr doesn’t think you have longer than 6 months left to live!!! so why award it for 3 years its a complete contradiction. I’ve just got my Dr to fill in another DS1500 form in as I am currently still being treated for secondary breast cancer and will be for the foreseeable future. You should fill in your PiP form relating information as you are on your worst days (this is how I was told to fill in my form by a macmillian nurse). Hope this helps any of you trying to apply for this benefit. Personally I don’t beleive we should have to jump through hoops to get a benefit we have all paid into the system and I for one probably wont be around to benefit from the pension or any of the other benefits I see this as my right to receive something back from all the years I’ve worked and paid into the system. Currently waiting to hear back from DWP regarding my new claim. 

I have cops late stages got turn down for Pip now got throat cancer having chemotherapy and radiation so I won’t hold my breath worked all my life it like never work and get everything

Hi, firstly I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and hope that you are doing well. Did you ever get awarded pip? I too was recently diagnosed with breast cancer which had also spread to my lymph nodes. I has breast conserving and lymph node surgery then went on to a mastectomy. I too have been declined pip. I had my face to face consultation 3 weeks after mastectomy!! I feel that they are not interested on the psychological and emotional effects a cancer diagnosis has. I am now facing 18 weeks of chemo followed by radiotherapy. My doctor will not prescribe anti depressants because of the links between them and dementia, also the view is what I am going through is more post traumatic stress. Because my doctor won’t prescribe those and gives me sleeping tablets instead the assessor says I am suffering no mental health issues. I have worked all my life and an now in receipt of ssp only, cancer is a daily struggle and a long hard fight emotionally, financially and physically.

Just wondering if anyone with primary BC has been awarded this recently? I applied once I had been off work 3 months, as advised by MacMillan Information Officer. Got a letter to say someone is coming to assess me. Unfortunately its my next chemo date. When I rang, they couldn’t change it, so I’ve to phone each day to see if any new assessment slits become available.
Not feeling hopeful about it for some reason. Just wondering what to expect at assessment.

Pip was only introduced in Northern Ireland thus year. I applied and was assess in October. Have heard nothing since. Good luck to u x

Hi everyone posting here  as I have been on these benefits for years and know really well how they have all changed and are much harder to get.


I highly reccomend this site which gives guidance re filling in forms, what to do if declined, has support forum, run by legal experts due to so many wrongly refused PIP and ESA.


I get ESA support group


and currently DLA which will be transferred to PIP.


I know of so many very poorly people denied these benefits wrongly.


I am disabled person so  already have these benefits, not for cancer.


Always remember as soon as you refused you can reapply with new form, once previous process complete.


Never ever accept lno’ for an answer, like this forum being so helpful, go to a specialist online forum that knows the in depth details of claiming these benefits.


PIP  should never be refused because you work, its not an out of work benefit. So if told that reason for refusing PIP, appeal.


But you do have to detail every single little thing about how you are affected re mobility and or care repeatedly on form.


Thats when it helps to have advoacte, support or advisor though I found the detailed guidance from benefits and work site much more helpful.


You do have to pay to be a member and access the guidance for forms and processes, think its about £18 for a year. I download them and share where posible but cannot see a way to do this here.


Its hard going through yet more stress but you have right to this money.


I hope this helps a little :slight_smile:



Hi. I claim PIP, originally because I have mild cerebral palsy and Epilepsy, but obviously added the cancer to the list. Everything seems to be fine with my claim.

Hi, I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, spread to the lungs. Had part of my lung (wedge) removed April 2018…I’m currently on medication that is tomixfeb.
My doctor completed ds1500… but was told by pip although I have secondary and it’s not terminal ie got less than 6 months to live I would still have to have an assessment. ?
Following the assessment September I received my letter through the post yesterday 29/10 to say ‘I can’t pay you pip’ and my benefit has been stopped as of 23/10!!! Good timing just before Xmas, thanks!
I was pensioned off by my employer in Dec 2016, and I only get a small amount of pension, and the pip helped top it up!
I’m utterly disgusted I’ve worked all my life.
I was told that I had to have an assessment despite noting from your post being in the cancer category?
I scored no points on the assessment saying I didn’t look fatigued etc, so this face to face assessment judges people on appearances!!!
I will get in touch with my breast care nurse to appeal as I’ve found this extremely stressful.

Janey go to welfare rights/ CAB or Macmillan centre and get someone to support you with your appeal.The decisions seem very arbitrary - a friend of mine who has vascular dementia got no points - he can’t even remember if he has eaten /washed / taken his medication .He got full PIP on appeal.Its exhausting and wrong .I have also seen posts in secondary section about this - ladies who contacted their MP about this seemed to get good and quick results .Good luck .Jill x

Hello Jill,
Thanks for your positive reply! Really appreciate you getting back to me. I contacted DWp directly the following day to appeal, which I did over the phone. The appeal has gone in on the basis that there was ‘no mention’ of me getting breathless or fatigued. Apparently, the appeal gets handed to a different team!!! Let’s hope someone picks it up who’s got some common sense. I reiterated I had surgery in April. Told also there’s a wait up to 10 weeks, as there’s a back logged of appeals! Now we can see why. Ususlly takes up to 6 weeks, so will not hear now till the new year.
I also reminded them I would like to have my health back and be working full time like I was before diagnosis.
My review wasn’t even due until 2019.
In the mean time I will also contact my local Mp on the subject, as I wouldn’t want this to happen to someone else going through the same thing. Just goes to show then, if your friend got no points like me, the assessors are not up to the job.
Also like to add my friend knew of a nurse, who worked for DWP, and left because ‘capita’ were turning down people who had genuine health conditions, I suppose a bit like myself and your friend.
And it’s not just the physical side of things with me, it’s the psychological aspects of living with an incurable disease.
Will keep you posted!!! Janey x

Yes - I was totally Gobsmacked that someone with severe memory issues ( as well as physical issues ) could get no points - the fact that he got the enhanced rate on appeal says it all really - from no points to enhanced rate - it seems so subjective- based on one persons opinion of you during and interview not on medical evidence. Def contact your MP - seemed to do the trick for some of the ladies on the secondary threads.Fingers crossed for you .

Unbelievable Jill. And like you say from going from no points to enhanced rate speaks volumes with regard to your friend.
Will get in touch with my local MP as this needs addressing. It’s stressful enough living with a cancer diagnosis, having scans every 3 months then going back for results. With out the need of worrying about money issues. I was getting £310 p/m which was a great help, and most importantly allows me to have some down time. Me time!!!
Will let you know how I get on. Janey x

Def get MP involved .If you have a look at the thread in secondaries you will see you are not the only one having to deal with this at a time when you need to focus on you and your health not the stress of dealing with money worries .x

Will read the thread! Thank Jill x