PET CT Scan Hi ladies

Not sure if this is the right area to post this but hopefully you will be able to help.

I had my second check up post treatment on Monday and my Consultant referred me for a PET CT scan which I’m having tomorrow. I wasn’t too concerned at this as he mentioned he would be doing that at my first check up 3 months ago.

I asked what the chance are of the cancer coming back and he said “high”, due to my age (33 at DX), the size of my tumour and that it had spread to my lymph nodes. I had planned to come off Nolvadex after 18 months to try for a baby before going back on it. The use of the word “high” has now changed everything and I’ll carry on taking the Nolvadex for the full 5 years.

Reading some of your postings, am I right in thinking that not everyone gets referred for PET CT scans?



PET CT scan Hi Skippy,

I had a CT scan (not a PET scan) after WLE and axillary lymph node removal, as I started FEC chemo. This was to check for spread to liver and lungs, I think. I also had a radioactive bone scan around the same time. Despite the spread to the lymph nodes, all was clear, so let’s hope yours are too. I think these scans may be normal protocol if the cancer has already gone to the lymph nodes, but not sure, only going by my own experience.

Skippy - I was node positive and had to have a liver scan PRE chemo as my liver function tests were abnormal- onc said he was sending me for a scan as a “precaution” . Anyway , it seems i was sent for the scan as I was due to start on the TACT trial and couldnt be entered onto trial with abnormal bloods or metatastic disease.Post treatment scans are not done routinely (royal marsden) as they rely on symptoms developing before they scan.“High” recurrence dose’nt mean you WILL recur! -the younger you are the generally more effective chemotherapy is!

Waste of time Thank you both for your messages.

I didn’t end up having the scan on Friday as planned, despite waiting for an hour at the hospital. I was told they could only do the scan within 10 days of me starting my period (which wasn’t Friday), except no-one had bothered to tell me this! The lady at the hospital said it was upto my Consultant to tell me this and when I spoke to his secretary she said she had never heard of anything like that. Anyway after all the stress of getting myself prepared it was all a big let down. Have to wait for my period to start before I can go back. Just have to hope its before my holiday (15th!!). All this is not doing my mental state any good whatsoever.


i’m being dim… Skippy, Why do you have to wait for a period -is it to exclude pregnancy??


Yep it is to exclude pregnancy, just wish I’d been told all this before