Pet Lovers.

Ladies, for those who ‘get this’ thank you. For those that don’t, I understand.

I have just been through a horrible 6 months - BC! Throughout I had constant loyalty and comfort from my cat. They say animals sense things; this cat changed from being an Alpha Male mouser, to not leaving my side. The constant affection was incredible.

He was admitted to vets on Christmas Day morning, after I woke up to him howling with pain and unable to get upstairs. Vet says his bladder isn’t working, he cannot pass urine from his body. Which is very serious. At least they have him under OBS and out of pain. They operate tomorrow. If I lose this cat, I honestly think the meltdown will be epic in proportion, given I’m only getting over the BC. He gave me his all for 6 months; I’m helpless to repay him and can do nothing but sit tight, hoping and praying for him. Not the ‘move forward’ Christmas I envisaged. 

I don’t give a hoot about Christmas being cancelled, or the vets bill; I just can’t get my head around the injustice of the situation. Thank you for reading from a (very wonky) Wonky. 

Pets plant paw prints on your heart. 



Wonky ?? think a lot of us have had our pets ??:heart::heart: Through this. You are doing all you can for him :heart::heart: They know you love them and you have him out of any pain and are giving him the best chance :heart::heart: See what tomorrow bring keep positive ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi Wonky


i so feel for you ! I have a cat myself and she has been a bit more affectionate in the last weeks! I really hope your little ?? gets better in no time !!

lots of hugs and :heart::heart::heart:

Wonky - my heart goes out to you utterly.

I know it isn’t the same but I hope that if I tell you my cat had something similar last Christmas and although we very nearly lost him, he pulled through, that might give you an extra boost of hope.



Hello Wonky,


I hope your cat has pulled through. My own boy cat had a blockage at 13yo and emergency operation. He went to live on to be nearly 21.


Both my indoor cats were a huge comfort to me during treatment, always cuddling. My girlie cat was very shy and would hide a lot, yet during my treatment she would come and sit between me and any visitors.


My thoughts are with you and hope he is soon home fit and well.


Huge hugs J x