pet scan on monday

Having Pet scan on Monday, and have got myself into a terrible state thinking it’s going to show the cancer has spread. I know that i’ve only got one
positive node but I know from experience that’s all it takes, as my sister died 10 years ago and all she had was one positive node, and vascular invasion (i’m not sure what this means and how relevant it is to spread?).
All I know so far is i’m grade 2 er positive, her2 negative with one positive node, I’m terrified it’s spread already. Can anyone give me any positive stories of lymph node involvement. This waiting for results and scans etc is the most horrible place to be…Michelle xxx

Hi Michelle
I know that the waiting is awful and so sorry to hear about your sister which has impacted upon you hugely. I had several nodes involved, had grade 3 BC and was HER2+ making it all pretty aggressive. Yesterday was 5 years from my diagnosis. Having nodes positive doesn’t mean spread. I know it’s hard and waiting is even harder - the not knowing is awful. I’ll be thinking of you for Monday.

Thanks so much Ruby, your story is so reassuring, and congratulations to reaching 5 years from diagnosis.
I need to hear more positive stories like yours, I know you’re right about the positive nodes and spread but it’s so very hard to get my head around it all! My sister was only 28 when she was diagnosed and had just had a baby, it was such a dreadful, dreadful time. I would just like to fast forward a week, the waiting is just awful as i’m sure you know!
Michelle xx
p.s sorry for moaning so much, i know i’m being very negative.

Sorry to hear about your sister :(. Most women have no secondary cancer at the point of diagnosis. When my surgeon told me I have to have a CT abdomen at diagnosis day I asked him if he expects to find mets (I have grade 2, 7 nodes invovled and inflammatory BC, HER2 pos and ER pos) he said “I expect the CT with no mets and will put it aside and say ‘that’s normal, that’s fine’” So don’t worry too much, chances are you won’t have any mets!!

3N3 xx

Hi Michelle
I can tell you that you certainly aren’t moaning - what you’re feeling is how most others feel at the stage you’re at and this place is the place to come to for information, chats and just letting off steam - nobody is judging you - we all feel like we’re moaning and complaining and you have every right to do that! As 3network3 above has said, most women don’t have secondary cancer at the point of diagnosis - just because your sister did, doesn’t mean you will at all.
Ruby xxx