PET scan - really scared

I have had a persistent cough for about 8 weeks (which is actually better than it was) though my voice is really husky. Having gone to the GP he recommended a chest x-ray - thinking the worst I went back to my onc today and explained the situation. On examination he found a small lump in my neck (which I hadn’t felt). Now I am fearing the worst and am really panicky.

I had a WLE in Sept 06 followed by chemo and rads and have been on tamoxifen for a year so I am devastated by today’s events. Last time I felt in control - this time not at all! I am having a PET scan on Friday - has anybody else had one of these - what should I expect?

Hi Hopege

I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. If you would like to have a chat to one of the helpline nurses I’m sure they will be able to explain to you about your forthcoming PET scan, what it entails and so forth. The lines are open again tomorrow, Wednesday at 9.00 a.m the number to call is 0808 800 6000. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hiya Hopege

I had a PET/CT scan in November. If you’ve had a CT scan before, its very similar, but they inject you with radioactive sugar (according to my OH who was engrossed in all the details!) beforehand. There’s a bit of waiting around as you have to lay still for a while to let the stuff go through the body before the actual scan. All in all I was at the hospital for about 2hrs.

I know I was really nervous, you don’t hear of many people having these. The actual scan was no problem, just the waiting afterwards for the results is the pits, but this really is the belts and braces of all scans and I feel lucky to have an onc who will use them.

One word of warning - we were told if you cancel on the day, we would have to have paid £500 - this is one very expensive piece of machinery!

Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on.
Anne x

Thanks Anne - your comments are reassuring. I went into panic mode last night because why would my onc ask for this scan - does it mean the worst? But as you say if it is the nest scan possible then hopefully it’s worth having.


Hi again G

I can understand your fears - I was exactly the same, then when I was actually at the clinic having the scan, the nurse told me that my onc sends most of his patients for one of these - wish I’d known that before!

Any more questions, just ask.
Anne x