pet scan results tomorrow....feeling very scared!!

Just had to post here, sat on my own…kids in bed, and i cant stop thinking that the news tomorrow will be bad!!!
Had a bone and ct scan previously that showed various suspicious areas so had to have pet scan, results day tomorrow at 1.30 and im scared, have kept myself busy today…bit of ‘spring’ cleaning ready for christmas, present wrapping, but now sat with my thoughts…

It was this time last year i was diagnosed…actually it was today 21st last year!!! and now im facing it again, this b****y disease!!

Sorry for the moan, just feeling abit sorry for myself

Best wishes to everyone dealing with this c**p

hope you all have a fab christmas xx

I will think of you (here in my other time zone, in America). All the best for tomorrow, hope everything`s ok,

Best of luck :slight_smile: do lets know how it goes xx

Thankyou for your support, didnt sleep well and feeling quite sick this morning… heres hoping its good news, will let you know how it goes…

Tracey xx


Just sending my support. I was in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. It is an awful feeling. I am sending you my best wishes. Good luck. Debx