PET Scan Results

Hi ladies

Hope you’re all doing ok?

I just wanted to share some good news with you, I was diagnosed back in August last year with BC and mets to the bone (I’m only 27) and I’ve had a mastectomy, chemo and also radiotherapy to the chest wall (which I believe is unusual after a diagnosis of mets?). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got the result of my PET CT scan last week…all clear!!! No evidence of disease whatsoever! Obviously I know that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing more lurking but it was sooooooo good to hear!!

Love and big big hugs to you all

Tish xxx

Congratulations Tish it is about time we got some good news on this site.
Enjoy your weekend and I will say cheers to you with my next glass of wine yes stuff it I will have another… Anyone else?

Love Debsxxx

Thanks Debs, I’m just about to open a bottle of wine too so cheers to you!! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend too xx

Hi tish

I’m delighted to hear that your PET scan came back clear. As Debs says it’s great to get some good news - enjoy the wine and the rest of the weekend.

Love Lilac

Fantastic news!

I too, will drink a(nother) glass of the red stuff, in celebration!


Well since we’re all on the bottle - here’s to you Tish (downing a glass of white…). Great news!


Wow Tish!!! Absolutely made up for you!!!

Cheers!!! I am on the red stuff as well tonight!!! :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Anne xx

Hi Tish, I remember messaging you a while back when you found out you had mets. I was very upset for you as you are the same age as me. However, I am so happy to hear your good news. I had thought about you over the months and hoped you were doing well. This is such good news. Hurray for you. Take care, xx

Hi Tish

What great news! We all need a boost on here from time to time so thanks for sharing your news.

I will wait to raise my glass until later this week as I’m in the post chemo days after FEC No4 to deal with my bone mets. Can’t wait for all these drugs to get out my system.

Take care

Nicky x

Hi Tish,
Fantastic news on your PET scan. I have an idea how you’re feeling as I too got great results from my PET scan last week and also have no sign of cancer in my lymphatic system and the 2 nodules in my lungs the onc. thought were mets are now thought not to be and are certainly not showing any activity which is great so I will celebrate in spirit with you.

Take care,

Anne x

Brilliant news, both Tish and Anne. It’s always great to hear that things are going well - gives us all a bit of a boost.

Lots of love Kay x

Thank you ladies for all your kind comments, and I hope those who were on the wine last night enjoyed it, I certainly did!!

Anne, congratulations to you too, brilliant news! And Nicky, hope the FEC works well for you, I had the same, plus taxotere so it’s good stuff!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend…back to work tomorrow I guess :frowning:

Take care

Tish xxx

Wow…awesome news!!! Funnyface