Pet scan shows active nodes in neck ???

Hi all 6.5 yrs down the line n found a small pea size lump in neck pet scan was OK but active busy nodes in neck area so waiting for ultra sound and biopsy but not sure what it means if anyone call help thanks
Rozita x

Hi Rozila, sorry you have had to post on here with your concerns…lets hope its nothing to worry about. Its awful when you go so long after primary to think there may be something else. I was only 2.5 years down the line and it was awful…dont really know whats worse. I’m sorry i cant help with your actual problem  it just wanted you to know we ate all here supporting you and i’m sure someone will be able to help you more.

My recrrence started with skin mets andi did get a tiny lump come p on the side of my neck…it was never biopsied, iy was just accepted that it was another met. I had it treatd with electrochemotherapy and it has disappeared so i’m hoping it stays like that. I did mention to my 0nc gthis week that for the last few weeks my neck hurt…like i had slept funny and ‘cricked’ it or been in a draught. he examined me and didnt seem at all concerned, so hopefully your will be nothing. Please let us know how you get on. xx

Hi Rozita,

sorry about this new worry. My mets came unnoticed to my liver and spine, were picked up during a routine ultrasound for something else…such a shock for you.


like stresshead, I do hope this is nothing to worry about. We have lots of lymph nodes all over, dont we, and mine get enlarged from time to time in my neck or under my arms, but the onc doesnt seem that worried.


i hope your issue proves okxx

do let us know, we are her for youxx



Hello Rozita

I agree with stresshead and Moijan they have both helped me alot.

I have a small lump in my kneck the onc was unconcerned it went down a little with my present treatment. I hope yours is nothing to worry about.

But let us know how you go on with it and try not to worry.

(((hugs)))  xxx

Thank you for your replies just had an ultra sound on neck today and said nodes were enlarged so took a biopsy so more waiting !! Any thoughts on what it could be or advice would be appreciated x

Just been for results of biopsy and said it was unconclusive as not 100% that not early lymphoma and to remove lump as tiny had a risk so recommended to wait 3 months then have another ultra sound .
So any help and advice I would appreciate thanks x

Hi rozita, what a pain that you have no definitive answer. Still, lets say no news is good news!! i know it means just another 3 months of worry. I still have my neck pain and it reaches rond the back to the base of my skull. I’m terrifed it may be meningeal mets which i’ve only just heard about. Please keep us posted. xx