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I had surgery at the end of February to remove a 1.9cm tumour from my right breast and had lymph nodes removed three of which contained cancerous cells. I then had a CT scan. I was told that I would not need chemo but a course of radiotherapy which is starting at the end of May and I have started taking a letrozole. The surgeon seemed very pleased and almost as an afterthought said there was a nodule on my lung but she wasn’t at all worried about it and it was common for people to have these. They would do another scan in three months. I had a meeting with the oncologist who didn’t mention it at all. I then got a letter to come for a PET scan which I had yesterday. This was never mentioned by anyone. Is this normal practice.

Hi margac,  

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It’s understandable you have questions in relation to your scans.  

It’s not uncommon for CT scans to pick up incidental findings which require further investigation. Lung nodules can occur for many reasons which is probably why your surgeon did not seem worried. A follow up PET scan is often used in such situations as it provides a more detailed 3D image. We would always suggest you talk through any concerns you may have with your treatment team so that they can discuss the findings with you.  

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