PET scan?


I’ve just finished chemo and have a mx and rads to come.
My lymphs are ‘suspicious’ and cells described as ‘atypical’ for cancer but nothing totally concrete - I haven’t had any removed prior to chem.
I’m e+ 6/8, lobular.

I’m sseing the Onc on Monday to discuss the rads and I want to talk about a further scan.

Has anyone been referred for a PET scan on the NHS? Or has anyone had one Privately? Has anyone asked about having one and been told no for specific reasons.

  • As always, will be eternally grateful for any responses. x

Hi, don’t know if I will be much help, but had a PET scan after dx last year. It was at the London PET Centre.
The process takes a few hours as you are injected with radioactive glucose, wait an hour or so and then the scan. Very similar process to an MRI.
Mine was done privately and the cost was £1500 (PHI paid).
Wishing you well

I also had a PET CT scan at the London PET Centre in Harley Street, mine was done through my medical insurance at my onc’s request, not sure if that is helpful to you or not really.

Hi SCACO I too would be interested ion how you get on, did you have a bone scan previous to chemo? I had WLE, ext DCIS no clear margins = stage 2 invasive + ext LVI so had SNB showed lymph involvement hence the FEC/TAX, I had bone scan and CT scan today …Isn’t it odd how they all think and do differently, were you offered a SNB??? I too have the dubious honour of MX ( my second so I know what to expect and hpoefully imm recon?) and Rads later!! Int it along road we walk, must confess am soooo scared re bone scan, hope you get some answers soon love Jeanette xxxx

Hi J

Thanks for responding - if not too nosy can I ask the reasons given for you to have these? As with many things concerned with my cancer treatment i sort of stumbled across it.

J - I had CT, MRI and Bone scan - all of which gave the all clear. The lymph dx (or lack of) came from the initial biopsy at the One-stop Clinic.

I asked for chemo 1st then mx as i thought i’d cope better this way round.

I wasn’t offered an SNB.

The reason I’m thinking of asking about a PET is because of the node situation and i’ve also heard that the other scans are good but only show cancer that’s established (albeit in the tiniest amounts) whereas a PET will show cell activity.

To be honest I am not really sure as it was done when I was in the deepest depths of post diagnosis trauma, actually about 3 days after. I think it was to check for any spread as I am having chemo 1st therefore have not had nodes checked yet. I was told PET will show cell activity but still has a limit so won’t show single cells etc. Not sure how accurate this is though.

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I was given the images from my PET CT scan yesterday and have decided that it is not a good thing as I am now paranoid I can see possible places of cancer that they haven’t mentioned! You can very obviously see the lump in my breast on it though.

Felt same as you Jo - PET scan results were scary… Having another one next Wednesday to see how bone mets are doing. Had U/S yesterday where they found a mass and wanted to do a core biopsy, I refused as last time it was agony as he’d biopsied my LD muscle. Told radiographer to compare last scan with latest one and then decide!

Had lovely day today. Lie in, lunch then coffee with friend and long walk with OH and G&T with more friends.