Petition for cheaper travel insurance

You might be interested in the petition for cheaper travel insurance for cancer patients. See the following link.

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Thank you Gill for the link.

Have signed the petition

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Thanks for this. I’ve signed too.
I have ridiculous quotes and it makes me want to go without, especially within Europe. Only two companies will insure me. One quoted £1300 for a week in France! The other will probably be better but want letter from my onc. There’s always EHIC but it’s just not fair that we should have such massive premiums. I have metastatic disease but am pretty fit and active and don’t take painkillers. All because I see my onc regularly and am on continuous (hormonal) therapy!
Thanks for bringing this petition to our attention.


I just got a quote of just over £29 for a week in Italy with BC as a pre-diagnosed condition from Nationwide Building Society.


I’ve signed, too, Gill

I think the premiums are just too heavily weighted against certain conditions and don’t take account of how well we may feel or actually are - and possinly that we may try to take more care of ourselves than the ‘average’ person.

No-one asks if you are an alcoholic and liable to fall over your hotel balcony in a drunken stupor, before they sign you up, do they?



Good point Bahons2!!! Made me laugh!

Thanks for signing girls!

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I too signed Gilly


Thank you Sparkler! You are a star as always!

Just signed too.