petrified of breast clinic appointment

Hi all. Two weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast about an inch above the nipple and slightly to the side and Really have to feel deep into the tissue to feel it. Saw my GP the next day who has sent me to an urgent referral to the breast clinic. The two week wait has been hell. I’ve gone through all emotions but won’t allow myself to think positively, I’ve convinced myself it’s the worse case scenario so I’ll be better prepared if it is. The lump is the size of half a grape and smooth. I’ve searched all the websites that say it doesn’t really matter about shape or size. The only thing I’ve got myself in a state about is it doesn’t move. My appointment is at 10.30 in the morning and I’m a mess. Hand hold please ??

Scared ? so sorry you’ve had such a long wait, and I’d just like to say well done for being vigilant and getting appointment. Please use the ask the nurse facility on here. I know your head will be mush at the moment but please remember till a professional tells you otherwise you do not have bc. And if you do, they have seen it all before and have an Arsenal of treatments to throw at it and new treatments and trials happening all the time. I know it is like having an out of body experience and you are looking down at someone else at the moment, but please keep strong and if you have further tests tomorrow it still doesn’t mean you have bc till a professional tells you. Keep us posted on how you get on ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow it’s a horrible anxious time - try and remember that the majority of referrals to the breast clinic are a precaution and turn out not to be breast cancer.

Do you have someone to go with you to give you a bit of moral support ? Jill x 

Hey there, how did your appointment go? I’m going for mine tomorrow (30th) at 9.30? I started getting pain in just one breast but pretty much ignored and wrote it off as hormonal changes but then I had blood leaking from the nipple and I think I can feel a small pea sized lump? Don’t know if I’m imagining it and I’m constantly checking it? I haven’t told a sole I’m going as I don’t want my partner or adult kids to worry until I know what I’m dealing with? I hope you had good news? ?