Petrified to start chemo

Hi, I have a vomiting phobia and I’m petrified about starting chemo. I was told I would need radiotherapy and tamoxifen after my lumpectomy, but after my op I was then told my lump was grade 3 and I’ve now to meet with oncologist to discuss whether chemo would benefit me. I have lived with my phobia for years by avoiding lots of situations, but I might not be able to avoid this and I am so scared about being sick it’s all I’m able to think about, I really don’t think I’ll be able to do this.

They have a massive bank of anti sickness tablets they can give you so actually being sick isn’t necessarily a side effect, just nausea. It also depends on what drug you have. I had 4 lots of EC which made me nauseas but have had 2 of the 4 Tax and haven’t felt sick at all…

Basically, don’t panic, your onc will hopefully be able to work with you to make the best of the situation. I have been sick once on chemo and I think that was actually food poisoning as my sister was sick the same night so you might be OK!!!

Hi Murphy1963…if you tell your Oncologist about your phobia, they will ensure that you are given the most effective medication both during chemo infusion (if you have chemo) and to take home afterwards. It is usually only the FEC chemo which many people have first for 3 sessions that causes nausea/sickness. Other things that might help if you do have chemo are to have a ginger biscuit and drink before you get up in the morning, take ginger capsules from health food shops, drink ginger beer/ale and suck ginger sweets; in fact all things ginger!!! Try motion bands (available from stores where everything costs the same!!).

All the best for your appointment, and sure you will make the right decision for you…take care xx

Hi murphy1963, like you my treatment plan didn’t originally include chemo until i had the op and micromet found in the slnb. Like you i have a phobia, but mine is for needles so I’m now flipping and flopping between panic attacks and head in the sand. However, that said i do believe that I - and you - will gwt through this…one day at a time and with the help, info and support of the wonderful ladies on this forum. My friend has suggested hypnotherapy and i might just follow this up - bizarre as it sounds.
Good luck, ask for help, ask for meds, rest up and I’m sure it will be doable for us both xxx

Hi Murphy,


I had FEC-T, 6 doses. They gave me the anti sickness tablets, but I never needed them. I never even felt nauseous. In spite of this, OH made me keep a bucket by the side of me day and night. :womanvery-happy:


Good luck for your treatment.

Thanks for your replies, great hearing some have not had this side affect. I’m hoping if it’s decided to go ahead with chemo I get help with my phobia, it’s my every thought atm xxxx