Pets and Other Animals

Hi. I posted under Coping with fear and anxiety: “Pet Lovers”, at Christmas and had such lovely and heartwarming replies, I thought I would post this as a potential ‘chat place’ for anyone who fancies joining.

It’s kind of hard to know how to start and I don’t want to be prescriptive, but here goes.

I’ve been an animal-lover all my life ( tbh I sometimes think I get on better with them, than I do humans -lol). I’ve been very lucky in that I have always had the opportunity to have pets, so have. Also I live in a rural setting so have a constant parade of wildlife through the garden, and at the other extreme I have had the priviledge of seeing wild animals on safari, in Africa, which was mind-blowing!.

That’s just a bit of background…

So, Dreamies " the treats cats crave". Crave (! ?) my two understand the word and come running if say it and even if I don’t seem to be able to tell the noise of the Dreamies-packet, from the noise of ( say) a crisp packet. What is in this stuff - lol. Still, it’s handy that if they are out galavanting and I want them in, I just shout “Dreamies” at the back door and, hey presto! Neighbours must think I’m crazy - lol.

Other than that pretty normal food-wise with exception of the old-girl’s ‘thing’ about yoghurt. She seems to have a built-in yoghurt sensor. The deal is I eat the yoghurt ( unnerving as she watches intently) and then she licks the pot clean. If you are a vet, please have mercy; I don’t eat much yoghurt, lol. Anyhow that’s the deal and has been for a decade; she’s not an affectionate cat, but she makes an exception for yoghurt.

Well, I’ll close now and wait to see if this ‘has legs’ by way of others fancying some light relief chatting about ‘all creatures great & small’.  

Hi Wonky. Yeh “Dreamies”. I’m thinking about eating them myself :smileylol: See if they have the same affect as in the adverts!! Give “me” some vim and vigour !

I envy you on the safari experience. Something I’d love, and still have hopes, to do, before all the “big ones” (and the not so big but diminishing in number ones) disappear xxx

When my two cats were kittens a friend got them an advent calender. Each day had a little bag of treats - about 6 different types. Each day around the same time we would open the door for them and share the bag between them. They loved all the treats, except the catnip ones! The final door had a little material mouse with a bell in it and despite the fact it has lost its tail and eyes and I think now both ears it is still their most favourite toy :slight_smile:


I’m not sure they are especially brand loyal to treats. We usually get them Felix ones from habit but they will accept own brand versions. They also like a cat stick on occasion. And the female would like yoghurt but Iit doesn’t end well!