Hi All,

We have our first PGD appointment at Guys this month! Has anyone been through this process?



Don’t know. What is PGD when it’s at home? :slight_smile:

Sorry- Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis?x

Hi Lozzy… Not been through this but there is some info in the marsden booklet that squeak/Jen posted earlier… Have a look at page 50…

Good luck

Thank you :slight_smile: x


I was wondering how people have been getting on with the PGD cycles? How have you found the hormone injections/tablets

Looking into starting PGD, but am wondering if it is to soon for me, Im only 22. But feel i should start having kids sooner due to having the BRCA1 gene( 80% chance of getting breast cancer, and 50% of ovarian) so PGD would stop the gene being passed down. Also my aprtner has a translocation on his side, – so we have double need for it!