Phesgo injections (prejeta and herceptin)

Hello I’m 6 chemos down and 2 to go. I am atm having prejeta and herceptin via iv with docetaxel chemo. When i finish chemo i will have 14 more prejeta and herceptins. Ive been told i can have the herceptin via injection. But from what i can see i will still have to have the prejeta via IV? I am desperate to get my picc line out asap, i hate it. I have been reading about the phesgo injections does anyone know if this is available in the uk on the nhs yet? 

Hello Mrsquincey, I have secondary breast cancer and am currently under going chemo, with iv herceptin and perjetta. Once the chemo finishes I will continue on the herceptin and perjetta. I’ve enquired at the hospital about Phesgo and was told don’t get your hopes up first it was delayed because of Brexit and now Covid.

When I had treatment in 2018 for the primary I has herceptin via injection and it was so much quicker. I’m really hoping this gets approved in the UK soon.

Good luck with your treatment.

Sarah x


I am having phesgo injections three weekly at the christie