Phesgo questions

Hey ladies. I have questions about Phesgo. My doctor put me on this and I was concerned because it didn’t sound like it had been on the market that long. However, he insisted that it’s been on the market a long time and is safe. When I looked up the ingredients it has a very large dose of hyaluronidase. I believe over 20,000 units used as the delivery agent. When I look up reviews for hyaluronidase there are many people who say they experienced autoimmune issues and severe premature aging/skin connective tissue issues after having small amounts of hyaluronidase injected to remove facial fillers. Some people are saying that hyaluronidase is not safe to take that it weakens tissue, collagen, muscles etc…. Has anyone in here taken Phesgo for months or years and have you noticed any of those side effects? Thoughts on this topic? Is there any benefit to using Phesgo over the longer infusions other than ease of use?

Hi @machiatto,

I’ve been on phesgo since mid Jan as my lump was Her2+. I had 3 doses with my chemo and I’ve had a further 2 doses on their own. I’m going to have 18 in total and it’s every 3 weeks. I had a bit of a gap while I was having surgery but they’ve restarted now.
I’ve not noticed any symptoms with the Phesgo. When I had it with chemo I had chemo symptoms but now that’s stopped and I’m having Phesgo on it’s own I’ve not noticed any issues so it’s been okay for me.
Hope that’s helpful and it works well for you x

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