Phesgo reaction

Hello. New poster here. Triple positive. Had surgery, EC and midway through paclitaxel. Just over 3 weeks ago I had my first Phesgo injection because I was HER2 positive. My leg went very red, big splodge about 10cm by 12cm. My leg was not swollen, hot or tight and no other symptoms or side effects. Now my Phesgo is postponed and I am terrified as it seems such a game changer.
Has anyone experienced similar? What was the outcome?

Im on phesgo for the past year and a half or even longer and my leg goes discoloured like that every time i have it and no one ever said to me that this is something to worry about let alone to stop the treatement. I hope this helps x


Thank you. Thats useful to know. I hope they are just being cautious and want to check there were no other side effects.

Not sure about Phesgo, but I am having Herceptin (Trastuzumab) and always get a purplish circle where it has been injected. I assume this is because it is injected under the skin rather than into the muscle, so the reaction (as it is absorbed) is more noticeable.

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Hi, It’s the same for me too. I always get a big red circle on my leg where its been injected and mine also feels hot for a few hours after and also tender. It all settles down and tenderness gone after a few days. No one has ever said there was a problem with it.
Hope you get it all sorted x

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I had a similar reaction and took an antihistamine tablet for a few days and it went away.
It happened again to a lesser extent at the next injection.
Now I don’t get it anymore.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. Had meeting with the oncology nurse today and Phesgo number 2 will go ahead next week so only a week delay.