Phesgo to Herceptin

Hi just wondering if anyone has had their treatment changed from Phesgo to Herceptin Injection due to adverse sideffects. If so did the change help?
So changed due to extreme fatigue and severe diarrhoea (requiring hospital admission). I’ve had an injection every 3 weeks since mid January and each one has got worse even after chemo finished Mid March… Oncologist wants to try Herceptin before stopping treatment., I’m due to continue the injections till January 25.
I’m Triple Positive ER/PR 8 HeR2 +++ x 2 tumours 15mm with 30mm between. Lymph node Metastasis, Surgery first (initially thought to be very small and no lymph involvement), then Chemotherapy with 3x3week EC, then 12 weeks P/taxol, Radiotherapy x 15. Hormone Therapy (leterzole) 10yrs, Bisops (Ibandronic) 3 years and the above targeted therapy. All found after a routine Screen and no symptoms.
I feel my body has been saying enough but i know its for the best to continue, the laughing part is ive hardly lost any weight (but Iam overweight).
Any advice would be welcome. Thanks all.

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Dear @itchynscratchy , I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience on the Phesgo. It was prescribed for me but, because I refused the taxol,7 phesgo was denied to me, and also herceptin as well. After surgery i was allowed herceptin. Had a high temperature after first injection so had steroids, anti histamine and paracetamol before the following 8. I had no more bad reactions with the premeds but stopped early to protect my heart. I did get a red rash on my face the day after injections 1-7 but that went the next day. Of course we are all different but sounds like the herceptin could be worth a try. I wish you well. Love Tulip x

Thank you Tulip29. Thank you for your response. It does sound like Im probably going to get the same lot of reactions!! Ive had a red face since first Chemo (think a puffy tomato :rofl:). The registrar suggested that I had the Herceptin by IV as less reactions , but Oncologist says by injection (do wonder if its cost at this point). I will cotinue and see what happens. Take care andbonce again thanks for your insight. X

I was on the her2 infusions for over a year. I did experience some joint pain, scalp eruptions, tiredness, diarrhea on the first couple days. My new provider put me on Phesgo. I’ve had two treatments so far. They also put me on zometa same time as the second Phesgo shot. After the second treatment of the Phesgo and the first treatment of zometa I have practically been home bound feeling tired, unwell and started having to use a walker to get around. Stiffness, joint pains, weak, body aches. No diarrhea with the Phesgo though.

With the Phesgo I am worried about the large amount of hyaluronidase. I’ve tried to find out more information about whether it is detrimental or causes long term effects but haven’t found much. Hyaluronidase has high percentage of bad reviews when I look online. And when I did a google search on hyaluronidase/cancer I thought I read that it is not good for breast cancer. Wish there was more info.