Phesgo without Paclitaxel

Dear fellow travellers on the road to wellness,

After 4 cycles of EC I am due to start Phesgo with Paclitaxel in about 4 weeks time for my ER+HER2+ IDC.

As a type 1 diabetic I have asked if I can forgo the Paclitaxel due to the ridiculously high risk of peripheral neuropathy plus impact of the high alcohol content. This met with a firm no from my oncologist. I was told there is no alternative to the Paclitaxel, and if I refuse it I can’t have the Phesgo and I will be immediately referred for surgery.

Has anyone on here has a similar experience? It seems cruel to deny Herceptin if its such a wonder drug to a HER2+ breast cancer patient without any explanation which believe me I asked for and got none.

I have contacted the drug manufacturer to ask the same question and await their reply.

N.B. I am 65 years old and have the beginnings of peripheral neuropathy already after 3 cycles of the EC.

I would very much welcome hearing the experience of others.

Many thanks from Tulip x

Hi Tulip29,

Thank you for your post.

I hope my response will help our members to see your post and share their experience/advice.

In the meantime, you may find it helpful to speak to one of our Breast Care Nurses on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Alternatively you can get in touch with our Nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.

Sending you our best wishes,