Phew. Clear results

Hi All
I went for genetic testing (at The Heath in Cardiff) back in March and got a letter with my results today - no evidence of BRCA1 or 2! Yipee!! Mum and Gran both had BC, but no other females to know whether there could be a stronger link.

I had to admit to feeling very reassured that I don’t have to consider prophylactic surgery and that I was probably just unlucky.

I know all the caveats (not all genes necessarily yet discovered etc etc), but I am very relieved.
Flora xxx

Pleased for you Flora. Good news indeed.


phew indeed, have a good weekend now then!

Excellent news flora - hope you keep staying well and positive :slight_smile:

Leigh xx

fantastic news Flora
have a lovely relaxed weekend - hope the sun is shining for you

Brilliant news :slight_smile: x