I have had lymphoedema in my right arm since early 2002 following mastectomy , ANC chemo and radio. I have always worn a sleeve and manged perfectly well (even though I do hate it)
a few weks ago i noticed a small lump on elbow and line of yellow bruising , GP thought I had burst a cyst / blood vessel.
easter BH arm swelling increased , sveral lumpy areas aroung elbow and painful. GP said phlebitis - antibiotics for 2 weeks - arm getting worse. I have seen GP a further 2 times and told to rest but use as normal! I am extremely restricted now and having trouble drying hair , putting jewellery on , brushing teeth and working!
I had ultrasound earlier this week , told no clot but consultant could not make out what problem is
I am now having an MRI next week and wonder what it could be?of course the possibility of metastaces is a worry!
has anybody had anything similar?
Rain x


Sorry you’re having such a rotten time! No words of wisdom I’m afraid, but hope someone will come along soon.

I did have phlebitis in my leg, it was hot and painful ! Antibiotics did clear it. I also have lymphoedema in my arm, I’ve not had phlebitis there but I did have cellulitis, it was like a growing rash with more swelling I had to have two lots of antibiotics for that.

I hope they get you sorted quickly, try not too worry too much it’s more likely to be an infection or something rather than mets - fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on.

Julie x

thanks Julie
I will post when I know results , sorry about typos! all to do with THE ARM!

its not phlebitis x most likely a secondary in very unusual place
lymphoedema leaking as had punch biopsy x fab lymph nurse has bandaged me up
results wednesday - back on the rollercoaster x
scared x
can only type left handed at moment - very slow

Dear Rainbee,

I realy am very sorry that you had to have more tests and have now got the awful waiting to do, of course you are scared, but try not to be too overwhelmed by it all over the next few days.

Did they say they thought it was secondaries? If it is, of course it will be a schock and you will face all sorts of emotions but believe me there are all sorts of treatments out there that can help keep it in check. Hopefully it won’t be secondaries but if it is then be gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to get your head around it, I found I felt better about things when I had a treatment plan in place.There are quite a lot of us secondaries ladies on site and we will be there to support you.

Hoping and praying that the results will bring you good news. Please let us know how you get on. Sending you a big hug and will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

Love Julie xx

thanks for hug x much needed feeling sorry for myself which is not in my nature
yes they said most likely secondaries
i just want some treatment as pain in arm bad and limiting everything i do
i realise biopsy results only part and may need more investigations and referral to onc before i get some treatment
he said most likely chemo radio and hormones again !
i will post again when i know

Hi Tammy (sorry about the wrong typed name before!!)

Just wanted to pop in and wish you luck for tomorrow. Is anyone going with you?I offer you my hand to hold in spirit, hope things go as well as they can, Julie x

I got a call from bcn today results not in so have to wait another week !!! I am going out of my head x I have posted on another thread about waiting for results x I will be on the phone to consultant tomorrow ! The support here means so much as I have not told anyway except hubby but he is not a talker !
Take care x