Phood for life - Jenny Magnusson

I was recommended this book by my cousin’s wife, who is a friend of the author Jenny Magnusson. My cousin, who is in the medical profession, says the approach she took is very radical but is worth a look even to follow in a smaller way. Info on the book says 'Jenny reduced her tumor size dramatically in just a few weeks by balancing her pH levels with baking soda and diet! ’

Has anyone read it? 

Sorry, but this sounds like cancer woo. It’s not possible to ‘balance’ ph levels with diet & baking soda. The body tightly regulates ph levels & any variation out of the norm would be due to a significant health condition, such as poorly managed diabetes. 

There are many alternative treatments. Weather they work or not there is no research.

I am reading this book by Dr.Mark Sircus that is about sodium bicarbonate.  There is former oncologist Dr Simoncini whose theory is that cancer is a fungus and can be treated with bicarbonate. I havent read anything by J. Magnusson but I ll have a look.

Nothing to lose.

one question I would ask is weather her cancer was primary cancer?