For those of you who might not appreciate the significance of Suebee’s topic (started on Sunday) headed ‘Today’s Sunday Times’. There is an article about a book of photographs (together with their stories) of women who have undergone reconstructive surgery. The photo on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine is superb and certainly puts to shame some of the photos I was shown at the BC Clinic. My husband came home with a copy last night having been given it by a friend. Anyway, if you can’t get a copy of the magazine and if you’re interested in seeing more there is a website According to the article, all profits will go to cancer charities.

Saw the photos Sandra … aren’t they wonderful and so inspiring with those ladies looking not just well but sexy too. If only they would show more of those at hospitals.

Elaine Sassoon was my surgeon when I had my DIEP reconstruction in April this year - although still yet to have the nipple added, it looks marvellous and I feel so lucky to have had her perform her magic on me. Wore a bikini on holiday in August and everyfink! Nobody knew which side it was!

Will certainly be buying the book.


I was one of the women baring all. Despite being a bit worried about doing it, I am so pleased to have been involved in the project. You might be interested to know that Elaine purposely didn’t only choose her “best work”. It was just luck as to who was in when she phoned them up. I think only one woman didn’t want to do it.

Hi I read the article and felt inspired and motivated, as Im a week away to surgery and recon, fantastic subtle artful photography, Kelley what an amazing opportunity to be a part of. Same goes to anyone else who was involved, either with BC history or as a photographer, writer, editor.

Ive been involved in 2 Spencer Tunicks naked photos but this is far more meaning ful.


I along with my family - husband and two girls age 12 and 13 enjoyed the article in the Times. I was amazed everyone looked wonderful and you have no idea how you helped me.

On Monday last, I met with the plastic surgeon (having lost a stone and still losing) he told me I was very overweight and if I turned up for my pre-med the weight I am, the op would be cancelled and I would be sent home.

I explained that I was on about 1400 cals a day (all written down) and in the gym with a trainer 3 x a weeks, what else could I do. He put his hands out and said ‘I am the plastic surgeon, go and ask your GP’.

Consequently, I have complained and asked to see another DR! But how many women has he scared away?

When he walked out with the nurse I burst into tears but managed to compose myself to get to my car, and cried the hours drive home and most of that afternoon and night. I have been working so hard.

But back to the Times what an inspiration.


Hi Ladies

Bit late with catching up with this thread, but so glad it was started. I had no idea about this, until one of my friends came round with the Sunday Times Magazine last night (actually, it was her husband who suggested she saved it and gave it to me - bless him !). I’m feeling pretty positive anyway but to see these pictures of these wonderful ladies (yes you Kelley !) really inspired me and made me feel even more positive.

I had a mastectomy on 3rd October, currently have a tissue expander in place and am having my reconstruction next February - and am going up a size too - wooo hooo !

Big thanks to all the ladies who took part in this - it does the rest of us a world of good. Well, I think so anyway !

Love to all

Julie xxx

I think women with one breast can also look pretty good and sexy too. I’d like to thank the women I saw at the Hampstead Womens Pond 20 plus years ago for teaching me that.

Good on those who go for reconstruction but it wasn’t a route for me. I’m happy with one breast though I long ago stopped looking conventionally ‘sexy’ !