Photography Project Update

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the support and volunteers who have stepped forward to take part in the Photography Project for women with secondary breast cancer. My working title at present is: Unseen & Unheard

As this is an ongoing project over the forthcoming year, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to be part of this project.

I am going to start the photography in mid March and will work around my business. Also as we all know, these things are subject to change at short notice due to cancer.

I will email everyone who has mailed me with their details and am going to leave private messages for those of you who have not contacted me yet.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies with primary breast cancer who have offered help and support too.

I am really excited about meeting everyone over the coming months,

Angee xx

Thanks Angee! Really looking forward to it…


Look forward to hearing from you Angee - am still very excited about it all!

How was your acupuncture yesterday?

Kay xx

Hi Kay.

I am really excited. Yes, the acupuncture went well but felt quite tired afterwards but am hoping it will help with my fluches/sweats as I don’t want to be turning up at all your houses sweating away, or even worse… sweating at The Ritz!!!

How’s your wound doing now?


Just bringing this back up to the top again if anyone else would like to volunteer xxx

Hi Angee
New to site, what is your photography project?

Hi busylizzie,

I originally posted a thread: I was thinking of doing a photography project…

I have had a fabulous response and it looks to be an exciting project. I will private message you with my contact details and bring the original thread back to the top but for the meantime this is what I originally posted:

Hi everyone,

I’m Angee and am a 39 year old photographer living with secondary breast cancer. Since being diagnosed last October I have been amazed by the amount of people who comment on how well I look or that I don’t look like I have cancer. This lead me to wonder what people’s idea actually is of someone who has cancer and what they should look like. I guess during my primary diagnosis in 2004 I fitted the bill because I lost my hair but this time I have no ‘obvious’ signs of cancer to those on the outside.

I came to the conclusion that even in the 21st Century when 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer, there is still a huge myth and / or misconception about the illness and its effects. As a photographer I started to think about a photographic project of people living with cancer. I suppose what I would really like to do is challenge peoples misconceptions and raise awareness of the number of people walking around getting on with everyday life with cancer.

I have contacted Breast Cancer Care and no one seems to object to me posting this request in the forums so my request is:

Would anyone like to volunteer to be part of my project? My idea would be to visit you and photograph you in your own environment and then put together a portfolio of work for an exhibition. I photograph using natural light so there would be no need for lights and umbrellas and turning your home environment into a studio for the morning/afternoon! I am not looking for photos of scars just a portrait of you and what you look like. I am a working portrait photographer but probably not allowed to leave my website details here but if anyone contacts me then I will privately forward my web address for you to check out that I am genuine!

With no offence to anyone older, I am particularly amazed and therefore interested in the number of younger women who are living with secondary cancer. I have met a number of you in the forums and in the secondary live chat and am particularly interested in raising awareness of this.

Obviously I will need to work around my own treatment and highs and lows of my own secondary cancer (bones) but I thought that maybe together we could all help in changing people’s views.

I have a lot of cyber friends already so perhaps some of you would like to step forward and be among the first volunteers…?

All the best to you all

Angee x