Phyllodes Tumour

Hello, I’ve just joined as I’m hoping to connect with others who’ve had a malignant Phyllodes Tumour removed. I’m currently coming close to finishing 6 weeks of radiotherapy. 
My surgeon described it as cancer of the breast rather than Breast cancer. I know the majority of Phyllodes tumours are benign, some borderline and some malignant. Online phyllodes groups are all US based. 
Hoping to hear from someone in the UK who has a similar experience to myself. 

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Welcome to the forum . It is a rare condition , people have posted about this on the forum before but not for a few years now I think . If you put PHYLLODES in the search box it will bring up past posts . I’m not sure if any of the posters are still a member of the forum but you never know .

Thank you. I will try the search bar in the hope  of reading other experiences. 

Hi there
Ive just seen your post as i have been searching for information myself.
I hope all has gone well since your Radiotherapy x
I have just had a malignant phyllodes removed and am awaiting Radiotherapy.

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