PICC LINE...again!

I had my PICC line cleaned out at the hospital today and it is not very comfy now. I seem to spend all my free time up at that place that I really don’t want to ring in for them to do it tomorrow…

hey ho… my thoughts are still to the end of October when hopefully they will take it out and throw it away.

O babyboo

What problems you are having - really sorry.

Sending hugs

Went to the hospital again today because I was in pain with it last night… the plaster they had used was too hard and had made a little sore in the wound itself…sooooooo all cleaned up, new dressing on and feeling better!

Glad to hear you got it sorted again babyboo - but just read your other thread about your cheek?? - Best go see the docs baby.

Is anything straightforward for you??


My sense of humour never lets me down…LOL

Babyboo - Glad to hear that you got yourself sorted out. You are going through the mill aren’t you. Not read your other post yet that Fiona mentioned, but best get checked out.

Hope you are OK though and let us know how you get on if you go to the docs.

Take care