PICC line and exercise

Hi there, this is my first post on this site, I’m about to start Poisonotherapy next week and I’ll join the forum board for that and take what I can from there.  Meanwhile, as I’m about to go out the door to a BodyCombat class in the next few minutes I have a specific question.


Can anyone who has had a picc line (super fearful about it but that’s another subject) managed to keep exercising?   I really hoped I could grab the odd class on my 'good days/weeks).     I know I could probably go down the more gentle ‘bendy’ class route but I really love my Combat and spin classes.  Help!


Willie xxx (I’m a girl, well a 56 year old ‘girl’, ha ha)

Hello Willie ,good luck with your treatment - if you don’t get a response here may be worth asking this question on one of the chemo monthly threads where the ladies are much further on with their treatment - .Jill x

Hi Willie. I had a Picc line fitted on Tuesday before my first chemo. It is easy and painless. There is an account on the June chemo thread. It doesn’t restrict my movement at all. I have a couple of funky covers (again link on June thread). I would have thought you could exercise once your body recovers from the drugs. I have felt very tired and even some gentle gardening wiped me out yesterday. Didn’t go hashing last night! Good luck, and please join the monthly chemo thread for loads of advice from all the girls x


I had my picc Line fitted this week just like you i was fearful, was so worry. but there is no need to be. The nurses are so lovely and put you at ease. Take care all the best.

Hi Willie 


I’ve had a picc line in for the past 9 weeks and I manage to do Pilates and Fitsteps classes with no problems.  I’ve been warned not to lift weights, though.  The picc line is a lot better than having a cannula for chemo.  Also, blood can be taken via the picc, so no digging around in a vein.


Good luck 

Thank you all so much for your replies.   I’ve had it fitted now - I don’t know what all the fuss was about, ha ha!!


It was totally painless, fairly quick and now I have no more needles to face.   Its my first poison tomorrow and I’m not dreading it at all now - well, not the actual administration, the side effects are a different matter! 


Thank you again, I’m off to join the July chemo thread as I guess I’m a newbie in July rather than June.



Hi Willie, glad it went well. Having the chemo is easy…! Also it is still June, so you could still join us there if you want?x