Picc Line Covers - any ideas?

Hello everyone.

I had a picc line fitted last week and am finding the tubigrip bandage rather obvious when wearing short sleeved clothes. I am wondering if anyone managed to find something stylish to cover up tube and dressing that doesn’t draw too much attention to it. I have had a look on the internet and someone had published a knitting pattern for a cover but to me it just looked like a sock with the foot bit cut off.

Hoping that we have some creative people in here who can inspire me to get my sewing machine out.


Hi Super

I just wore very filmy long sleeved tops over camis to cope with hot days and mid length sleeves, not too obvious and sort of disquised the nude coloured tubi-grip.

Good luck

Jane x

Sorry, mine was during the winter and I only cared about comfort, not appearance. I think Jane’s suggestion is probably best–lightweight long or elbow length sleeves. You might find that you don’t need a cover at all under loose sleeves in smooth woven fabrics. Knits seem to catch on the fittings a bit more.

I know it’s a pain to have to buy things just for this, but overshirts can be helpful when it’s too warm for heavier clothes but too cool or breezy for bare arms.

Good luck.

i use cut off coloured and brown tights, under see throughish tops put a length of leg on both arms, assuming your picc line is in your arm, so from outside it looks like part of the design of your top.

under short sleeves , wrap a bandanna/headscarf round the tights and secure with something sparkly, looks a bit boho but works.
xxxx izzy

Thanks for the ideas ladies - I have had a mooch round the local charity shops and picked up some cheap tops that I can cut the sleeves out of. I also got some baby comfort cloths which will be cosy at night if I put some velcro on the edges.

I like the idea of lengths from coloured tights! Will have to have a rummage upstairs in my “winter” box to see what is lurking around. Anything has got to be better than the obvious bandage that I am wearing now.

I bought some pretty,stretchy socks from H&M, cut the toe part off and hemmed it. Not bad with the heel over the elbow.

Hi there I bought some flesh coloured control underwear from primark cut it up to make made to measure covers . Also as it looks like a sport bandage no one gives it a second look.