Picc Line covers/sleeves

Picc line sleeves to wear under clothes or on bare arms are impossible to source in the UK and all that is available are costly imported tattoo covers from the US costing around£15 each with shipping. Having required a long term picc line twice for primary and now secondary breast cancer I am only too aware of the difficulty in finding a practical yet unobtrusive cover as an alternative to the unsightly white medical “tubigrip” supplied So I’ve started to make them. If anyone is interested in finding out more please send me a PM.

Hi I can understand that it is difficult to find picc covers and other privacy covers in the UK most of our orders at design for your life come from there, not sure but i think your insurance covers our sleeves and the waterproof picc sleeves we are found under picc line sleeves design for your life hope this helps jaime

picc line covers and water resistant picc covers can be found at design for your life or under picc line sleeves and may be covered by your insurance plan. hope that helps jaime

Hello Millykins - not sure if this is how I can contact you to ask about your own-made picc line covers. I’m trying to find some and only finding them made in the US. I’m thinking of just getting lots of tubular bandages but if you are still making nice looking covers, I’m interested. Sorry - I couldn’t work out how to send you a direct message. I hope you are through with your own treatment and doing well. Kate

Millkykins01 - couldn’t work out how to pm. Do you have a website/catalogue?