Picc Line covers/sleeves

Picc line sleeves to wear under clothes or on bare arms are impossible to source in the UK and all that is available are costly imported tattoo covers from the US costing around£15 each with shipping. Having required a long term picc line twice for primary and now secondary breast cancer I am only too aware of the difficulty in finding a practical yet unobtrusive cover as an alternative to the unsightly white medical “tubigrip” supplied So I’ve started to make them. If anyone is interested in finding out more please send me a PM.

they look great

I wish i’d known this earlier. I stopped wearing my tubigrip cover after my 3rd chemo as it was too tight and uncomfortable on my arm. I’ve been taping down the port on my arm and wearing cardigans or jumpers to hide it from sight. I have finished chemo now and should be getting my picc line taken out next week hopefully but i would definately have beeninterested in your products. Good luck with your business, i hope it goes well for you. :slight_smile:

I’m new to this so don’t know how to send a PM.  Have you managed to create one of these PICC line covers?  I would love to hear more.


A warm welcome to the forum.  If you click on the name of the person you would like to pm it should take you to their profile page and you should see a link to send that person a pm.

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Hi Millykins, really sorry I can’t find the PM button. I’m interested in a picc line cover for my mum. She has just had it put in but it will be in for the next year so would be great to know a bit more!? Are you able to help at all? Thanks

I need some very loose PICC line covers, the yellow line stockinette or tubigrip gets loose threads that manage to wrap round the tube, only place I can find is is america, but 30 is a bit steep, plus don’t have credit card! Tried ebay and searching Internet, found pattern but unable to knit/crochet as visually impaired…ideas?

Hi michelle, you can also buy them off easy and they are a reasonable price. X

Hi, I’m also looking to buy picc line covers…

The tubigrip from hospital is so clinical and well - tatty so quick!

there’s a real gap in the UK market isn’t there!

if anyone can message or reply with places to get them I’d be extreme greatful xx

I have bought all 13 of my PICC covers from the US from sleeksleeves.com. Love the massiveamount of choices, color, size, length so great.

I was also searching for Picc line. It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to find them. I didn’t particularly want to order from the US - found it on Live Better With. They ship to the UK! They arrived really quickly I think it was just a two day wait. X

I am interested. Please PM m

Hello All, 


I am doing some research for a student design project about PICC line covers /sleeves. I am looking to redesign the sleeve to improve user experience. 

I would be really interested if you had a minute to give me your opinions on what you liked/ didn’t about your sleeve / cover. Any insights are welcome, and please let me know if you have any thoughts for aspects that you felt worked particularly well or need improvement. 


I have personally never had a PICC line therefore any insight or opinions you give me will be extremely valuble for my research. 


Thank you so much for your help, 



Hi I wonder if you are still making these PICC line covers. x