PICC line glue allergy

Hello ladies, I’ve had three rounds of FEC and due to start T in two weeks. However I appear to have an allergic reaction to the PICC line lock glue, the skin is weeping, red and sore. They reckon it’s not infected but if it keeps getting worse they might have to remove the line and give me the T by cannula (I’m assuming). They are trying to move the lock onto different parts if the skin, but clearly there’s not much scope and there’s quite a long way to go. Anyone else have this, was it okay with your veins? I’ve been told FEC is worse on the veins so lucky I got through that! Thank you.

I too have had a nightmare with my PICC. Was put in after 2 rounds of EC, and have finished round 4, T starts next week for 4 more. 

Have been allergic to all the dressings so far, so my skin is a right mess of blisters. And although the site was good it did tend to weep between dressing changes. Was talk of daily dressings at last appointment.

Then…I mentioned my veins looked a bit prominent on the same side so they did an unltrasound and found I have a clot. It was then all action stations, the PICC was removed there and then, and I have daily blood thinning injections to do for 3 months.

I can’t believe how many things keep going awry during my journey, it’s one thing after another. 

Have an appointment to have a Port fitted in a couple of weeks, but I’ll be day 8 so not sure my bloods will allow? Will have to see. Not a lot a can do about it. In the meantime it’s back to the cannula but as you say Michelle, hopefully T isn’t so harsh on the veins and they find a good one to use! Good luck with the rest of your journey. Xx

Thank you so much butterfly, it’s good to know I’m not the only one, although I’m sorry you’ve had more than just this allergy plus the blood clot to deal with! They’ve changed mine twice this week and it’s weeping everywhere already…so itchy! Interesting that they’d rather keep it in and change dressings daily than take it out…I’m worried the skin will break and allow infection.

We’ll have to see how it goes I guess. In the meantime, good luck next week and with the injections, that must be sore enough already doing it daily. Hope things go more smoothly for you from now on.

Michelle x