PICC line or portacath ?

Good afternoon everybody,

could someone please tell me whether before chemo starts i can ask for a Portocath to be put in ?   Thank you . xx

Hi mini mad


When I had my appointment with my Oncologist prior to starting chemo I mentioned that I had bad veins and asked if I could have a picc line put in and the chemo unit organised it within days! You do have to have the line flushed and the dressing changed once a week but the District Nurse came to my house to do that!

I’m not sure with regards to portocath… do you not have a breast care nurse you could contact for advice?


Portacath all day long as once it’s healed it’s less of an infection risk and less of faff as you can just get in the shower ie nothing to cover up or get caught in clothing etc

ok so you’ll be left with a little scar afterward but mine is hidden behind my bra strap.

they can put it in under a general or local anaesthetic- I had a local.