Picc line pain


I had my Picc line inserted on Tuesday and it was incredibly painful. When the dressing was changed and line flushed I had a shooting pain in the bottom part of my arm. I now have shooting pains when I move my arm in certain ways. Has anyone else had an issue like this and does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it. 

Thank you



Hi Viv, have you already had some chemo as the damage to your veins may be causing the pain? Either way I suggest you ring your support line for advice. Good luck x

Hi Viv,


never heard of this before…but I had shooting pains when the nurses tried to cannulate a specific vein near my wrist…I think it was near a nerve…yours too sounds a bit like nerve pain…is your temperature ok? 


Anyway, do check with your team…you should be able to talk to someone even if it is a holiday.


love and best wishes



Thanks for your replies. I had my picc line removed yesterday as they think it may have touched a small nerve. Hopefully next time all will be fine…


Thanks again