picc line removal

as i am nearing the end of my chemo treatment i have been thinking and worrying about the moment my picc line has to come out, does this hurt and is it a big procedure like it was when having it put in??

Hi Kim

Don’t worry it was easy! Nurse said take a deep breath and she pulled it out! No pain and didn’t feel a thing. I was soooooooooooo glad to get my out :slight_smile: free to bath again, without my arm hanging out the bath!

Good luck and well done on reaching the end of your Chemo!

Sal xxxxx

it is nothing like having it put in!!! its so quick, totally painless, it just sides out, i dont even remember it bleeding. you have the smallest scab and then its gone. my onc tended to keep it in for a week or so after last chemo, just in case of any infection but they are all different, when the ward rang her she was happy for it to come out, but just in case i dont want you to be disappointed.

hope that helps


Hi Kim,


I had my final treatment and picc line removed last Tuesday. The picc line was removed relatively quickly and is much quicker than the procedure to have it put in.   I didn’t look whilst the picc line was being removed and I didn’t feel a thing.  I was a bit pale after, but then I’m a real wuss with anything like that.


It’s lovely not having the picc line, I found it a real nuisance so was very pleased to have it removed.


Hope this helps.