PICC Line ...shoulder pain, is this normal?

I had a PICC line inserted on Monday (7th June) under ultra sound, naff veins! first attempt got stuck, bl**dy painful, 2nd sucessful after some time. line finally inserted mid way up inside of my left arm. Position confirmed on X- Ray.

I was expecting to experience some discomfort around my shoulder/ neck area due to the ‘trauma’ of the first attempt getting ‘stuck’ in that area, I am not a wimp but so uncomfortable!!!, I told he chemo nurse when I had chemo ysterday, she noted some swelling below the incision bizarrely, she called the Dr before she started, the Dr put the sweling down to the procedure, but thought the pain/discomfort that I was experiencing from the shoulder/neck area (the pain is actually mid point between my shoulder and neck) was probably trauma.

is this normal, it has been bad enough for me to take painkillers!!

any ideas would be most welcome, I hope this is normal
Thanks Jenny xx

I had a picc line in my right arm inside elbow… had it for 6 weeks and very very sore and infected… so taken it out now… so I understand totally… couldnt lift my arm up and hurt like hell

still sore now and strained…

good luck

I don’t want to cause you too much alarm and I hope yours isn’t the same as mine, but when I had a PICC line it caused a blood clot. My whole upper arm and shoulder area was extremely painful so if the pain goes with painkillers it probably isn’t the same thing. I left it a day or two before I contacted the hospital and they called me straight back in. They were unsure whther it was a blood clot or an infection so I was treated for both until they could do a doppler scan. When it was established that it was a blood clot, the line had to come out and I had to inject myself with Clexane every day for 6 months to thin my blood. 3 years on, I had almost forgotten about it. If the pain is really bad, it would probably be best to take advice from your hospital.

Good luck

Goodness Anne, thanks for the heads up, I will keep a good look out for those symptoms,

so sorry you had to go through that.

Thanks again, love Jenny x

Hi my name is Rashieda.I don’t have cancer,I have severe RA and I just had a picc line removed from my right arm inside my arm just above my elbow. That was done this afternoon around 1 and now I am in so Much pain from the nape if my neck down my shoulders and and to my elbows. I want to know is this normal too.

Just been diagnosed today with a blood clot my symptoms are…slightly swollen arm, Pink discolouration and the arm is noticably warm, plus soreness from the picc line upwards through the armpit and into the chest. I have just given myself the first injections. 1 dose down and x number of months to go. See your Onc nurse if you are worried.