PICC line vs chemo port

PICC line is not widely used in Canada. My first chemo treatment in 2011 I had chemo pot placed under skin in my right chest. This time I want to  try PICC line and need advise from PICC users.

Below are my view of pro and con of chemo pot.

Pro -  had  right breast mastectony with 27 lymph nodes (of which 8 were affected)removed. Was advised permanantly not to allow any blood work done on my right arm/hand. The cancer agency nurse said the left elbow would be reserved for non cancer related blood work  ie diabetic  and the left hand woud be reserved mainly for cancer treatment. The chemo pot which allows chemo infusion through the chest did help

Con - (1) bit more complicated operation to place the pot in chest. Tissue built around the pot when removing it after 1 year herceptin. (2) Nurse outside cancer agency (incuding emergeny) are not trained to use the pot. (3) radiation technician found pot was placed wrongly in the same side as my surgury.He ran out and brought his supervisor to check. Though it is to go, i still wonder if the pot position affected radiation on that particular area. I saw from a thread (forgot the topic) a lady is requested to remove the implant which was done before BC diagnosis before radiation.

Appreciate if anyone can advise if PICC line can cover the cons 

 Got reply from my oncologist. Chemo pot last for years and is more suitable for longer term chemo like Hepceptin. Anyway, thanks.