picc line

Hi Ladies, has any one had any bleeding problems from there picc line, when i woke up this morning, there was blood under the dressing, it was dry but it must have bled a bit during the night, i told the chemo team and they said i was to tell the district nurse when she came out to do my injection, but im worried because she said have you been working your arm to hard, i thought she may have changed it but she said the blood was stuck to the dressing and she said it would be fine until weds, im scared its going to bleed out again while im sleeping, has this happened to anyone else?

Hey .

when I had chemo I had picc line , and when I first had it fitted it did bleed slightly , that’s to be expected .  But it was dry and around the fitting itself but it was fine to keep until they clean it at the next appointment . Don’t worry too much . X