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I hope you’re all doing as well as can be. I wanted to jump on, and say that I had my PICC line inserted today. The thought of it, had made me so anxious and stressed, that I was physically sick before my appointment, but I wanted to give some reassurance to others that might be having a PICC line, that the procedure was absolutely nowhere near as traumatic as I had told myself it was going to be.

In fact, other than the local anaesthetic stinging for a few seconds, the procedure for me was very straightforward, and not painful or uncomfortable at all.

I have very small awkward veins that are well hidden, so the PICC line was recommended by my Oncologist. I have a needle phobia too and will be having weekly Chemo, so I’m already thinking how many needle pricks this will save me!

For those of you that have, or have had a PICC line, how long did it take for you to get used to it? I feel like I can’t get my arm in a comfortable position and am trying to hold it up, but I guess that’s because it’s new, and is still a bit numb from the anaesthetic. 

Sending you all well wishes xx


@CS0512   I found that after about a week or 10 days I really paid little attention to the PICC line apart from the normal sensible stuff like covering it before having a shower, and just to let you know that when it is eventually removed at the end of treatment I felt nothing at all.  The nurse told me to look the other way and then a second later she said that’s all done!  The PICC line really was the best thing ever for my treatment I have those pesky small veins that like to hide away as well.  I wish you well with your treatment. X


I was dreading getting a picc line but it’s fine.  It makes the whole process so much easier.

It took me a little while to get used to it as I was constantly afraid I would dislodge it! It is a bit of a faff getting the shower cover on at first but you get used to it really quickly & I don’t notice it at all now.  

I ordered a roll of comfifast bandage of Amazon (blue line) to keep it covered.  

I wish I had the picc from the beginning as the EC did a real number on my veins but you live and learn! 

Good luck with rest of your treatment xx


Hi there, have just read your message re PICC line which was very reassuring. I have been putting off having this and asked for a cannula first time. Now, thanks to your post I will reconsider. Thank you! JM

Hi CS0512

I’m having my picc-line put in on Wednesday 28th June.

Like yourself, not looking forward to it at all, and i’m also worried about having something strange in my body, is it gonna feel awkward. I’m gonna get a cover for it.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi Guy’s.

Well, had my picc line put in today, it was ok, no pain, just a bit of pressure. Surgeon was very reassuring. Least i won’t be getting stabbed anymore !!

Will keep posted how i get on with it.

All of these responses are super comforting, thank you for sharing your experiences. If I could ask a question on this subject. I have gotten my first chemo treatment but the nurses had a hard time finding my vein (took 5 tries with an IV) so I will be getting a picc line before my next treatment. I am wondering how difficult it will be with small children and having that in my arm. Thank you in advance. 

Hi Racheelios

Yes, does feel weird at first, but you get used to it. They say not to lift anything heavy with that arm, so you’ll have to be careful with the children. They flush it out once a week & re-dress it.  A temporary inconvenience, but well worth having it done, chemo session seemed to be quicker.

Keep posted.

Good luck.

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