Picc Line

Picc line is being fitted today. Does it hurt and will I be there a while ? X-rays were mentioned so I’m thinking it may be a long appointment.
When I go for the chemo tomorrow should I take water with me? I’m conscious everyone says drink drink drink and the nurse said they will provide it but should I be reliant on them to bring it to me all the time ? Also how long after should I keep drinking ? I do drink a fair amount of water anyway but should I be carrying bottles with me for days afterwards?
Thank you
Sarah xx

Picc line does not hurt. All you will feel is the local injection just above the inside of your elbow then it all goes numb. They have to send you for an xray to make sure it is in the right spot - mine was and everything was fine. It takes a few days to get used to it and I have bout a couple of covers from here:



With drinking, just be sensible because one nurse told me that someone went silly and diluted all her important levels due to excess drinking. So about 4 pints all day or there abouts, enough to keep hydrated and dilute the nasty stuff.


Since you are cold capping I would take a flask of something hot because that can be a comfort.


Let us know how you get on xxx


Hello Sarah,
Snap! I am having a picc line fitted today also. And thinking that same as you.
I will post later and see how you got on.
I don’t think it takes long to do.
Hugs Vx

Hi Blueash and V

Thank you. It was fine. They did struggle to find a suitable vein but all sorted. The only thing was I could feel it actually going through my body. Weird! It didn’t hurt though.
I will aim for no more than 4 pints then. I don’t want to dilute anything that shouldn’t be diluted!
V, I’m sure you will have a very similar experience to me and it will be fine x

Had my appointment for 1pm got out at 5.15pm. Day surgery was packed and everything delayed because of emergency admissions.
I was lucky to be taken, many were being sent home after being nil by mouth all day.
Was not too bad but I was quite nervous. Bloods should be easy tomorrow though! ? x

I’m glad it went ok even if you were there such a long time!
They took some blood from me today and I didn’t feel a thing, it was great! X

Hi Sarah
Good luck with today.
Getting the picc line in was worse for me than having my first Fec T.
It is very relaxed and they will offer you tea . Also the added bonus for you having had your line in , no messing around to find a good vein!!
As for the se after , everyone is different , so hoping it’s kind on you.
Hugs Vx

Thanks V. Hoping the S/E are kind to me x

Hi Blueash
Thanks for the link for the picc covers. I am going to order one. I see they are in different sizes. I can’t work out where to measure , is it the length or circumference of the arm?
Thanks V x

Thank you
Measured arm and about to order from your link.
I got the waterproof one from my local Chemist. I think the bigger chemists may have them in stock but if not they can order one for you.

V x