PICC pain

Hello folks.

I had a PICC inserted about 10 days ago (at my request), and it has made blood tests and the chemo itself much easier and quicker, so on the whole I am chuffed I had it done.

However, I cannot straighten my arm by my side without having a strong pain in my upper arm. (For example, when I am walking, I have to rest my hand in a pocket or on a bag because it will not hang by my side without discomfort.)

I have asked the chemo nurses and they have checked and flushed the PICC line. Their general opinion seems to be that my body is reacting to a forieign body and it’s only to be expected.

The arm is fine to use etc as long as I donlt try to straighten it, but it worries me that if I have this in for 6 months, it will do some damage if I am not able to straighten my arm in all that time.

Has anyone else had this problem with a PICC line, or any advice to offer about what I should do?

I have the same thing especially when I am walking it has eased off a liitle. I have had my PICC line for about 5 weeks now. I can straighten my arm though cleaning my teeth is a bit of an ordeal.

Best advice…ring your chemo unit and get them to look at it…there shouldn’t be any pain!

My 4 friends in USA that have had or have cancer have had ports put in the chest and never, that I know of, had problems with pain or infections… wonder why here they do the PICC line and not the port? I have read some on here with problems and others that are so glad they have one. I haven’t made a decision yet… one of my oncologists says u need one…the other one says…no just see how long you can go without one. So who knows what to do! I am glad it is making things easier for you… I think it would be so much easier… I hate hate hate getting a canulla put in…

have a nice weekend!

hi evryone just to share some advice.
iv just had a port a cath inserted tuesday and had first chemo it was put in at vein in neck down to chest it is grand with no problems, one of the doctors told me they used to do picc lines but have stopped as too many problems with them ie. infections discomfort ect…
i have no veins so had no choice to get it in but it is so much handier no more poking just in and out its brilliant…
im in ireland so i dunno what the situation is on ports where ye are but would definitly advice on them

best regards


Thanks Breda. Did you need a general anaesthetic to put the port in? I was not offered an alternative to the PICC line, I just asked for it because I had read about them and I did not know there were other types.

Does anybody have any suggestions. I had a portcath inserted in July but it had to be removed due to infections. I have been told by my oncologist that I could have another one when the wound heals up. I’ve had 3 lots of FEC and 1 lot of taxotere plus herceptin so far and have another 2 taxotere and then a year of herceptin every three weeks.

Do you think it is worth it for me to have another portcath put in? The reason I’m not sure is that I’ve been told by somebody else that I’m over the worst i.e. have good veins and can have a cannula put in each time. I hate the cannula - am I just being a big baby - is it really worth me going through the hassle of having a new port put in again?

Has anybody else been in a similar situation?


hi girls hope ye doing well…
no didnt have general getting it in was awake but they numb ya you dont feel a thing just a funny sensation is all im getting my stitches out tomor but i dont even no i have it ( apart from a fool asking me if i had a tatoo on me neck :slight_smile: )

amy if you have good veins i wouldnt bother getting it back in iv no veins at all as in zero so i had no choice but id ask for some advice and see what they suggest…
mine will be in for a long time as when im finished chemo im going to be on herceptin alone for 12 months but i dont mind its better than being poked and prodded at any day…

hope this helps