picc problems AARRGGHHH!!!

Why does nothing go as it should???

District nurses been this morning and unable to draw blood from PICC line…been told to go back to local unit within 7 days for help…

Just feel like if it can go wrong it will at the moment not helping am on day 7 and feeling quite emotional…no control and I don’t like it

sorry for the rant

Aaarrrgghh sorry to read your plight. I have a PICC too and boy has it annoyed me, DN kept pulling it out by an inch, pushed it back in, itchy under the dressing it drives me up the wall, luckily no infection and I should have it removed in three weeks time after last chemo.

See how it goes at the hospital, now I’m not sure what they do, if it’s really blocked, they might have to remove it I guess. At last you can have proper showers again and bath.

Hugs and love,

Christine xx