Hi all, I’m a 44 yr old recently widowed mum of 2 (ages 10 and 16) I have secondary breast cancer in my abdominal cavaty. Up until last week I had been on capecitabine since December but the last scan has shown a progression towards my ovaries. I’m due to begin piclataxel chemo therapy on 20th July and am terrified of any side effects (I’ve had very little info from the oncologist, I’ve no family to help and my friend has told us she can’t cope with us and doesn’t want to know anymore. ) I had tac chemo in 2012 for the initial breast cancer and was very ill. I don’t even know if I’ll lose my hair. Any advice would be very welcome and gratefully received.

Hi Lou Lou


sorry that you gave had to join the secondary ladies here, particularly in your circumstances, and that your support is a bit lacking from those around you at home. You will find plenty of advice and support on these forums.


I am not sure if it is the same drug as you but after Capcitebine stopped working I went on to Paclitaxel (Abraxane)


i had had it on a 3 weekly cycle and have to say that I did find it quite tough. I did lose my hair unfortunately although not everyone does. My main side effects were tiredness so listen to your body and relax when you can. I also suffered from a low HB blood count (needing 2 transfusions). I also suffered with a sore mouth and mouth ulcers. I found Gel Clair and Difflam mouthwash to help with the sore mouth.


i haven’t had Taxol so can’t compare but for me my first chemo was the toughest (FEC) and although difficult Abraxane was doable. Everyone reacts differently so you may not suffer with the same side effects and it can be a very effective drug.


Good luck & let us know how you get on with it.

best wishws

Smartie x

Hiya loulou
Sorry u have to have chemo again …I have no experience of that one either but to be honest all chemo is tough and your children at ten and sixteen will be old enough to help and support you with some chores . Grab any help you can from family, neighbours etc and don’t let pride stop you accepting anything.
I had FEC /CMF back in 2004 …the chemos have all changed now .
Sorry no help really but hugs xxx?