Pink mark on skin! Any reassurance?

Hello. I’m so worried! I’ve had neo-adjuvent chemo (4 AC / 4Taxotere), lumpectomy,no clear margins so mastectomy and I finished 25 rads at the beginning of October. It’s almost one year since my initial diagnosis. Yesterday at my check up, six weeks post radiotherapy, the oncologist was concerned about a small pinkish mark on my chest. I noticed it a couple of days ago but didn’t think anything of it. It’s in the middle of my chest, where my cleavage used to be, just outside the area that had radiotherapy. Onc says it might be nothing to worry about and may well disappear but she wants to have it checked out and I’m having a fine needle biopsy on 1st Dec. As you all know the waiting is awful.
Does anyone out there have experience of somrthing similar? I know that blemishes can come and go on skin but I’ve convinced myself that the cancer has returned. I wasn’t even bothered about the mark initially because I thought a reocurrence would probably be felt as a lump.
Thanks for listening. Liza.

Just bumping this for you as you havent any replies just yet. Wishing you all the best.
Love Andrea xx

Thank you Andrea. x

I think the waiting is the worst part of it. Ironically I’ve returned to work full time this week, following a phased return. At least work helps to take my mind off it a little. Liza Rad x

Hi Lizarad

I’ve had a skin recurrence and I am quite surprised that your onc biopsied a small pinkish mark, in the middle of your chest, that has only been there a couple of days!

From my experience, I nor any of the other skin mets girls I’ve been in touch with have ever presented in that way and usually any unusual blemishes are watched for a few weeks to sse if they go away or become a rash?

  1. How big are we talking? 2. Is it hot? 3. Is it raised? 4. Is it near your scar? 5. Is it getting bigger? … If your answers are 1) less than a penny-size. 2. no. 3. no. 4. no. 5. no. Then I would doubt you have anything to worry about! Also bear in mind that I had a similar area that didn’t go away, was raised… and it weirdly turned out to be ring worm!

Let us know how you get on and best of luck!

Nikki x

I am not a ‘skin mets’ girl - or didn’t think I was!

But a few weeks after a mastectomy (and this was over 10 years ago now) i had what I thought were a few flea bits - courtesy of my persians LOL. On a check up with surgeon he noticed them and said he didnt like the look of them and was sure it was a recurrence. He biopsied them immediately - not a fine needle on but a proper one. He was right. But these ‘bites’ were on the site of the mastectomy. I did not have radiotherapy then as I had had it to that area 5 years previously.

Of course blemishes can be down to all sorts of things and I hope yours is innocent.


Nikki and Dawn,thank you both for your replies. I’ll let you know how I get on next week.

Hi ladies, just to let you know that the onc isn’t 100% sure but he thinks the mark is due to damage to the skin caused by rads. He’s keeping an eye on it. So, panic over for now at least.

All the best. Liza xx