Pink Party Night Idea's Needed

Hi there I am having a Pink night this Friday, and hope to raise some money for BC with a raffle. Although I am only having it in the house I have about 25 coming (don’t know where everyone is going only got a small house )!! hey ho.

I was just wondering if anyone had any party game idea’s, or games we could play to raise some more money.
I have told everyone there is a fine for not wearing Pink !!

Help, all you party girls !! I need some ideas


think you need some input from EmilyJane - she seems to be the games queen on here …

am tyring to think of “pink” things … Barbie, pink cotton wool … really there isn’t too much pink is there ??? or am I just stuck on Barbie - she keeps popping up - the power of advertising heh??

I did a party once where the guests got into teams and we had:

  • anagrams
  • things to remember on a tray
  • musical chairs (got a bit rough!!! - not recommended)
  • pass the balloon
  • blow football on the dining table - using straws and a ping pong ball - apart form the dribbling it was fun!

you could always do something like that around “pink”
it worked well as there were lots of short games with points - sort of like a cross between a game and a quiz …

good luck
I’m sure it will be fun
looking forward to reading some ideas
love FB xx

hope your pink party goes well.
we had a girls from work get together last friday at my friends and she turned it into a pink party…there were only 9 of us but we raised £80, we paid £1 for food, had a raffle the tickets for which we also sold some of prior to party at £1 a ticket.
Someone made us a cake and that was auctioned.

I’m sure you will raise alot of money and enjoy yourselves doing so.

karen x