Pink Pockets-drain bags

I have two sealed bags of pink pockets ( 5 in each). I bought them for post DIEP as I assumed I would be sent home with drains and I wanted something just a bit nicer than the tesco bags I carted around post mastectomies! I ordered them from the U.S. If you have strattice, you are more likely to go home with drains. If anyone wants them I will post them to you. If you can put a pound or two in a charity tin, that would be great.
This is their ad. I should warn you that I was charged duty when I bought them!,
“Post-Mastectomy Drain Holders Pink Pockets are Temporary, Self-Adhesive Surgical Drain Pockets. They are worn inside your clothing to discreetly and comfortably hold drains following a mastectomy or breast or abdominal surgery.
Immediate comfort - no safety pins or sewing required!
Remove the washable pockets from clothing when drains are gone.
A must-have for patients. Put Pink Pockets at the top of your post-surgery checklist!”

Hi I have just been googling for drain bags and your post came up here. I take it there are not any UK based people selling these if you had to get them from the U.S.? X

I keep hearing about them but am struggling to find any. I have managed to order some heart pillows and knitted knockers but the bags are proving allusive! xx

Our hospital supplied them after my mastectomy and other surgery…and you only have the drains in for a short while.After my DIEP we had pillow cases,they were awful.But did not go home with drains then.

Thanks Jilly the hospital I am having my op do not provide the bags. I will definitely be going home with drains. I am having bilateral mastectomy so want to try and make it as comfortable as possible. Not having luck finding any so far though.

Hi, I think I have a packet left. I’m away from home but am back at the weekend. If you can send me your address, I will try to dig them out

I will apparently need drains for 3 weeks with my strattice implant next month ?


Can you tell me did you have to pay import tax? If so how much? I have ordered these for my mum the company have said I need to check out the import costs and it’s quite confusing? Would appreciate any help.

Thanks, laura

Hi, re pink pockets and import tax - I’m struggling to remember , but my husband thinks it may have been about £15

Laura you can order them from Drain Dollies in the uk. They have a website and Facebook page, only a few £ and a percentage donated to charity X

Hi Laura I make these hopefully they will be useful Hope these can help X

Do you still have pink pockets,my wife is due to have bilateral  mastectomy  in 2 wks,have been looking for something  like this,would be very well appreciated,trying to get anything we may need sorted,any tips or advice would be great.

Hi I make drain bags for surgery I have a Facebook page called Free Drain bags for surgery. I don’t charge at all its free bags and postage. If you require one or two bags message me they will be sent out to you x. I am brwast cancer survivor

I make drain bags
My Facebook page is Free Drain Bags For Hospital Surgery.
There is no charge and they are sent out free of charge.
I am a bread cancer survivor x

The hospital I was at did provide a bag but I just used a tote bag, the handles were long enough to hang on the arm of the chair which saved bending when getting up for a wee!