Pins and needles at night

Hello everyone. I’m 6 months post Chemo and radio for TNBC. I’ve recovered well but have started having disturbed sleep with pins and needles in both arms at night. And aching in my shoulder (not my surgery side!) I’m riddled with anxiety and am frightened about what this could be. Has anyone experienced this?

I have had numbness and pins and needles in the surgery side.  I also getting it when driving when my hand is in one position. I put it down to removal of lymph nodes. I don’t know how common this is but it’s another side effect we have to contend with.  Fortunately it is getting better with time so hopefully it will with you.  Keep smiling.

Hi i hve the same problem at ngt aswell doctor told me its the nerves in my shoulders wen ur lying on ur side in bed its pressing on the nerves and causes the pins and needles and pains . Its so hard to get comfy in bed and with the hot flushes i never get a gd ngts sleep xxx

I got pins and needles in my feet from chemo and it took the best part of a year for them to go completely away. I also used to get numbness on my hip in the surgety side in bed if I was lying on that side but now that I’m writing about it I realise I haven’t had that for a while.  Not quite the same as you but all the pins and needles did fade eventually. If you are very anxious, ring your surgeon and/or oncologist. Put your mind at rest.